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Blog Your Way to Fame, Fortune, and Firmer Thighs

But seriously folks, over the last two years I have been blogging a lot and I'm not rich or thin or yet.

Cobb's Blogs

scobb's non-blog
Focusing on information security and related topics, recently named a "Blog of Note"

Cobb on Tech
New tech, old tech, and impact of tech on the rest of life as we know it

scobb's rules
Occasional posts relating to lessons learned.

Cobb on the Road
Cars and planes and trains and travel tips

Cobb on...
The catch-all category for oddball postings like the electric loo

Cobb on Politics
Because an open society doesn't work if we don't share our opinions

Cobb on Money
Getting off to a slow start but trying to offer good advice

Higher Learning
Thoughts on education, which seems to be in a mess these days

Privacy Think
Posts on privacy in the world today

America's Healthcare Crisis
Why is the world's richest country not the healthiest? Would equal access to health care make America a greater country than it is today?

Gyro Car Blog
A real niche blog for those who pursue the dream of gyroscopically stabilized vehicles

Cobb's Blogs of note

David Brussin's
What Comes Next

Insight into technology, startups, and venture capital

Bruce Schneier's Blog
The blog to read if you're serious about security, from bits and bytes to the big picture

Winn Schwartau's Security Awareness Blog
Irreverent but relevant "Tips and tricks for Ma, Pa, and the Corporate Clueless"

Mark Gibbs Techie Blog
Author of Network World's Backspin column, good place to look for a different take on tech

Ray Everett-Church Privacy Clue Blog
Privacy, politics, and links to Ray's radio interviews

Tao Security Blog
Richard Bejtlich has a sharp eye for the nitty gritty of network security

Politics of Privacy Blog
A good way to get a UK/EU perspective on privacy, from Andreas Busch of Oxford University

The Healthcare Blog
A very active blog for those who want to get in touch with what's really going on with health care in America

Dare Not Walk Alone Documentary Blog
News of the film's progress, screenings, and related issues (because without social and economic equality there is no sustainable security)

Matthew Holt on Healthcare
Another view of this burning issue

Cobb on Typepad
Don't always agree with this Cobb, but I like to keep tabs on this blog

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