The Briah Gallery

This is Briah on our deck in 2002, 13 years old and her tail is still a blur!
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1. Young Briah scouting the meadow for rabbits in Scotland.

2. A mature Briah being stately in Virginia.

3. Same age as 3, but showing she can still earn her keep retrieving tennis balls.

4. Retirement in Florida, with coat cropped for the warm weather.

5. Showing of her winter locks in Virginia.

Snow Dog Briah!

Briah has always loved the snow. Here she retrieves her favorite tennis ball from a big drift after a snow storm in Virginia, 1999. All images on this page are Copyright Stephen Cobb, 1996-2004.

Water Dog Briah!
Briah was not the sort of dog that dove into the water every chance she got.
She only went into the water if there was something to be retrieved. But she
loved to swim and her tail would wag in the water like a propellor. Whenever
she was near water she'd make it clear that she expected to be put to work
and would sometimes jump in just to remind you what life is all about.

Briah's friend Annika (Brussin)

Chey's friend Monkey (a feline literature fan)
Dog Lessons for Humans #3: Relax!

Briah shows how it's done.

Briah, age 2, in full retriever mode, clearing a 5-bar gate
(this was taken after she had jumped the gate 3 times already)

Erin Demonstrates Briah's Famous Flying Ears

"If I can bring as much joy to as many people as my dog has done, I will die a happy man."


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