Data Privacy and Information Security

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For a direct link to our data privacy and computer security resources, click here.

For a basic reading list on information security, check this one on Amazon.

For a reading list on privacy, try my colleague Ray's list on Amazon.

For a computer security classic, try Cobb's Guide to PC & LAN Security (May 2001 reprint).

For disaster recovery planning and consulting, see Contingenz.

IIS Security Book Cover

Need help protecting an IIS Web Server? The best place to start is this Osborne McGraw-Hill book on Microsoft IIS Security, co-authored by my brother, Mike Cobb, and Marty Jost, one of my former computer training colleagues and writing partners. Marty has been a Product Manager with SUN Microsystems and RSA Security, one of the leading Internet encryption companies. He is a seasoned Internet expert and an excellent trainer/writer. To check out the book at online book sellers, click your choice:


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Co-author Mike Cobb has an extensive background in high performance database systems. An accomplished software programmer, web site designer, database developer, and writer, Mike has published over a hundred articles on privacy and security. As founder of CobWeb Applications he is responsible for the development of security software licensed by several interational companies, and the creation of a number of high volume web sites in both the public and private sector. Mike's web-based tools for financial data analysis, developed in conjunction with Quadrant Consultants, have been deployed by the UK Post Office, regional government offices, and several Fortune 500 companies. Mike is both a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator.

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