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Glowing Review in Security Management Magazine

According to Cobb...personal computers constitute "the front line of the information revolution." In large measure the author makes his case by presenting PC and LAN security in a practical, enjoyable, and easily readable manner.  Security Management Online
The above comment is typical of reviews this book has received. It appeared in Security Management Online, the online service of Security Management, the monthly magazine of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS). Clearly, ASIS member David W. McCoy, CPP, a security professional employed by Lockheed Martin Vought Systems of Dallas, understood the book's mission: And we would not argue with this summation:
Buttressed by the author's wit and able presentation, this book makes a fine resource on LAN and PC security and would benefit any security professional.
We would like to point out that the book's treatment of technical subjects is aimed squarely at the average PC user. The book does not attempt to duplicate the more advanced treament of technical issues that you can find in books like William Stallings' Network and Internetwork Security. In other words, The NCSA Guide to PC and LAN Security works for ordinary people who use computers in their work and want to understand security issues. As McCoy's comments imply, it also works for information system security professionals who want to understand security from a desktop (as opposed to server or "big" system perspective).

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