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Not Cobb-Vantress

The domain of is not related to Cobb-Vantress, Incorporated, creator of the Cobb 500 — "the world’s most popular broiler breeder" — and Cobb 700 with "increased emphasis on breast meat yield, and the improved Cobb Avian lines with their low chick cost potential."

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Ask most Americans to name a "chicken company" and they will likely answer Tysons or Pilgrim's Pride. But behind the scenes, Cobb-Vantress, which industry insiders tend refer to as simply "Cobb," is actually a major player in developing chicken breeding stocks. A fascinating history of the company, founded in 1916 by Harvard graduate Robert C. Cobb, can be found here. The chickens you see here are not Cobb-Vantress chickens, they are the chickens Stephen and Chey inherited when they bought their house in Florida...


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