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"The most gritty version of civil rights history I've ever seen." Peter Miller, co-producer of Ken Burns' Jazz.


How You Can Help

Financing an independent documentary is always a challenge. Although Dare Not Walk Alone has beaten very long odds to achieve a theatrical and DVD release, the project continues to run in the red. Our hope now is that DVD sales will be strong enough to put the project in the black so that we can start channeling some of the proceeds back to the African American community in St. Augustine. We contiinue to believe that the more times the film is seen, the better the prospects for meaningful improvements, in a place that sacrificed to win the civil rights we take for granted today, and in the world at large.


Here are four free--or almost free--ways that you can help Dare Not Walk Alone achieve its goals of serious and widespread awareness raising:

1. Tell people about the film. Tell them why you think they should see it. The more people who know about the film, the better. Buzz does make a difference.

2. Do you use Netflix? If so, put Dare Not Walk Alone in your queue. This will let Netflix know that there strong demand for this DVD.

3. Do you shop at Go to this page and rate the film. If you could take a few minutes to add a review, that would be fantastic.

4. Talk to your church, school or college about arranging a workshop with a screening of the film and a Q&A session with Jeremy Dean, the film's director. There is more about screenings right here.


Please consider ordering Dare Not Walk Alone on DVD today.

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