This page is a place-holder, a place to which some websites still link for information about a company called ePrivacy Group, although the company no longer exists.

This page is maintained here on by me, Stephen Cobb, a founder of, and investor in, ePrivacy Group. I helped develop, market, and deliver the company's three main products: privacy consulting (to the FTC and companies such as Microsoft); email authentication (Trusted Sender cryptographics stamps like those shown on the left); and traffic-shaping anti-spam technology. I also built and maintained the website.

In addition to its email authentication and anti-spam technology, ePrivacy Group also developed a proposed standard for email called the Trusted Email Open Standard or TEOS. We submitted this standard to the Federal Trade Commission in 2003 and it is still available on their website. (I was lead author of this document, which is a large .pdf file that you can download here.)

TEOS has been downloaded by tens of thousands of people and I like to think it helped to influence the direction of email standards. Over the years I have noticed that key elements of the standard tend to crop up in industry discusssions about how to reduce the burden of spam/phishing and improve email deliverability.

You can see the TEOS emphasis on authentication reflected in this 2008 white paper titled Trust in Email Begins With Authentication (.pdf) which is available from the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group or MAAWG. The task of reforming email has falled to groups like MAAWG and we should all support them.

Email could be so much more than it is today if just a few steps were taken to improve email protocols. The large Internet companies could do this if they would just worked together. I think of the huge potential that secure, standards-based, transactional email has for doctors and patients, banks and account holders, retailers and consumers, charities and volunteers, associations and their members. As the saying goes, "We have the technology." We just need the will.

Postiva Trusted Sender Stamp

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