Tuscan -- Gyro-Stabilized, Half-Track, Trail Bike


The cover of the original product brochure.
Scan kindly supplied by Richard R. Fuller.

The following are from the inside of the brochure.

Note that the brochure does not describe the gyro feature at all.

Several readers of this page have suggested that the Tuscan was not in fact gyro-stabiized. After considerable reflection I agree that it is unlikely the model pictured here used a gyro. However, we are told in the Science and Mechanics Gyro-X article that Gyro Transport Systems was working on a gyro-stabilied trail bike for the US Forest Service and I'm speculating that it was a modified version of the Tuscan. As always, I am happy to hear from anyone who can shed light on these machines. Email me as webbloke at cobb dot com or leave a comment at the gryocar blog.






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