LAYLA: Our "Florida" Springer Spaniel


Born October 25, 2004
in St. Augustine, Florida
Arrived December 21

Layla at 3 years, doing her
snow rabbit impersonation
(Cellphone Quicktime movie)

Layla at One Year
(by Dorothy Cobb, ©2005

Click here for a short puppy video (your browser will prompt you to download a .wmf file which should then autoload into Windows Media Player--about 2 megabytes long).

Adorable Puppy Shot

For the entertaining "root puppy" video (Layla attacks a stubborn plant root) click here for the compressed .wmf file. Turn up the volume and here that puppy growl!



Click the picture to play the movie

(1.2 megabyte wmv file)

What a difference two months can make. Layla added six inches in height (from 10 inches to 16 inches at the shoulder) and she has already mastered Sit, Stay, and Come.

(If you have tons of bandwidth, try the MPEG version)

Click the picture to play the movie

(4.25 megabyte Quicktime Movie)

This is a version of Layla's YouTube debut.

Click here for the YouTube version and vote for Layla!

Layla on her throne

(coming from bench stock, Layla can strike quite a regal pose when she feels like it)

Layla in service mode

(hanging out at Starbucks and showing the world just how good a good doggie can be)

Ah! Those Fairfield Inn beds are heavenly

(Layla relaxing after a hard day's work)

What? You want your chair back?

(Layla perfecting the nap)

Layla hanging with her peeps

(The Schwartau pups in Nashville)

Another cool place to hang out

(Layla in the pool with Chey)

Protecting the goods

(It's not all relaxing...sometimes I have to watch our stuff)

This is the pic Stephen has on his cell phone

(Layla relaxing on the deck)

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