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Stephen Cobb with/out hat/beardThe Stephen Cobb Blog is not the only place that my writing appears online. I post to some other blogs, some for work, some for play. I do not subscribe to the unified theory of blogging (“an individual should have one blog to which they post all their stuff”).

As someone who wears many hats, but sometimes goes bare-headed (see montage on left) I’m just not that unified. Maybe I’ll get there one day. But for now, the best I can do is this provide a list:

We Live Security: A great place for information security news (often referred to these days as cybersecurity news) plus detailed technical analysis of malicious code threats, and a lot of helpful stuff, like how to avoid malware infections, online scams, and other nasty maladies of the digital age. Written by my colleagues at ESET, the Slovakia-based Internet security company, which includes some very smart researchers, and me.

  • Scobb’s Security Blog: This was my first blog, I started it in June of 2005 as “Scobb’s Blog” but changed the name as my posts focused on information security more than anything else. It was named a 2006 “Blog of Note!” which makes me an award-winning blogger.
  • The Dare Not Walk Alone Blog: Created to support the movie. The movie won an award. That made me an award winning producer, but sales of the movie were killed by piracy.
  • Cobb on the Road: This is where I post, very intermittently, stuff about travel and mechanical travel-enabling devices, like electric vehicles and steam trains.
  • The Rural Broadband Blog: I fired this up to spread awareness of the plight of rural Americans who lack free and open access to affordable broadband that many of their city-dwelling cousins take for granted. I regret to say I have not been active on this blog since moving to the city, which sounds shallow, but I am active in this arena in other ways.
  • Cobb on Arts and Entertainment: Posts about things I see, hear, and read that are worth mentioning. Again, posting is sporadic.
  • Monetate Marketing Optimization Blog: I created this in 2008 while working for Monetate, to educate the market for software that can test and target website content. Wrote an average of one blog post per week for three years.
  • Celtic Curse Hemochromatosis Blog: An effort to raise awareness of hemochromatosis, the most common genetic killer in America, about which most American doctors know diddly.

There may be a couple more out there but if so they have been sadly neglected. I need to round them up and spruce them up before linking to them.

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