The Cobb/NCSA Guide to PC & LAN Security

Stephen Cobb, CISSP

Appendix K: Microsoft AV and Other Problems

This appendix contains, by kind permission of the author, a detailed critique of Microsoft's Anti-Virus software, distributed with MS-DOS 6 and used in some early versions of Microsoft Windows. Written by the late Yisrael Radai, a pioneering anti-virus and security researcher, this document is still important today for the light it sheds on Microsoft's forays into the field of security software. We have made the full text available here.

If you are familiar with the layered approach to security that is advocated throughout the book, you will not be surprised to learn that I don't think it is a good idea to use a Microsoft product to protect a Microsoft product. For the record, I currently I use AVG from Grisoft, a company with which I have no connection, as my main anti-virus product. I use a non-Microsoft firewall such as ZoneAlarm or Sygate. And I don't surf the web with Internet Explorer (I mainly use Firefox).

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