The NCSA Guide to PC & LAN Security

Stephen Cobb, CISSP

Chapter 11: Secure Networks I

This chapter is about: securing networks in general

...the chapter looks at the security aspects of local area networks or LANs, concentrating on the security threats and responses that are common to all such networks. Advice on securing specific network systems, such as Novell NetWare and Microsoft Windows NT Advanced Server, can be found in the next chapter. Security issues arising from communication between networks, referred to as internetwork security, is addressed in Chapter 13, which also covers remote access security and wide area networks (WANs).

Security issues surrounding the use of local area networks, groups of personal computers wired together to share data and devices, are now more important than ever because networks are being connected to the Internet. The chapter looks at the pros and cons of networking from a security perspective and assess the seriousness of network security problems. Obviously, such discussions require a certain familiarity with the basic terminology of personal computer networking, which some readers already possess. They will be able to dig into this chapter right away. However, if you should feel, now or at any time during this chapter, that you need help with network basics, you will find a network primer in Appendix I.

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