The NCSA Guide to PC & LAN Security

Stephen Cobb, CISSP

Chapter 12: Secure Networks II

This chapter is about: securing brand name networks

...the chapter provides a wide range of tips for securing specific local area network operating systems. Some of are quite technical, others could be classified as "applied commonsense." If you have already made an effort to secure your network some, perhaps most, of these tips will be old hat. However, if just one of them is news to you, it could be the one that saves your network the next time it is attacked. Indeed, you stand to gain from reading this chapter even if you have already taken care of every issue it raises: You will have satisfied yourself that you are on top on things!

To quote from a Jefferson Airplane song, "Life is change" and few things change faster than network security checklists, and so this chapter also points you to sources for the very latest information. On the subject of sources, the security tips in this chapter were gleaned from a variety of sources, including conversations, both digital and analog, with networking professionals, plus numerous articles from trade journals. These sources are all listed in the book.

For companies active in this field check out the following Hot Links at NCSA:

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