The Cobb/NCSA Guide to PC & LAN Security

Stephen Cobb, CISSP

Chapter 15: Security in the Future

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This chapter is about: How to become and remain secure

...the chapter discusses some of the key issues raised by previous chapters and contemplates future directions in personal computer and local area network security. Some conclusions will be drawn, advice will be offered, and some dissenting opinions will be aired. We will also look back at developments over the last five years to see if they offer any clues for the next five.

If you arrived at this chapter after reading the preceding fourteen, well done! Your reward is a chance to step back and think about the "big picture." If you turned straight to this chapter, perhaps to get the bottomline on personal computer and local area network security, shame on you! But seriously, this chapter assumes that you are conversant with the concepts and technologies of computer security, as they apply at the desktop level. There is no short cut to comprehensive computer security.

The Story So Far

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