FTC hosted copy of the Trusted Email Open Standard.

Microsoft tests Trusted Sender, January, 2002.

Symantec acquires anti-spam router, now the Symantec Brightmail Traffic Shaper.

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This page dates from around 2003...

For some time now, Stephen Cobb has been working on anti-spam solutions as part of the team of privacy, security, and email technology experts at ePrivacy Group.

ePrivacy Group sells two very powerful products. One is called SpamSquelcher™ and it stops spam from overwhelming corporate networks and Internet Service Providers (that means email users see a lot less spam and the companies save a lot of money).

The other product is a technology that enables trust in email. The technology is called Postiva™ and it makes possible something called Trusted Sender™, a means of certifying the identity of email senders and the assertions they make about their messages.

This is a big step forward beyond current email standards, which have no means of relaibly identifying senders. Trusted Sender can eliminate corporate and government identity theft, enabling proof of sender identity to avoid scams, spoofing, and malicious code attacks such as the recent support@microsoft.com worm.

Trusted Sender™ has been successfully tested by Microsoft MSN and several other companies. Because it places a unique, interactive 'stamp' in each message, Trusted Sender™ lets consumers distinguish between responsible commercial email and unwanted and often fraudulent email (often referred to as "spam")

Trusted Sender enables businesses which respect consumer privacy and voluntarily comply with responsible email practices to distinguish their email from spam.

Consumers who receive Trusted Sender™ messages say they like the seal and they are far more likely to trust messages that have the seal (this was the result of some pretty big tests run by a pretty big company whose name we cannot mention here).

SpamSquelcher was a revolutionary new product that reversed the parasitic economics of spam and was thus able to save ISPs and enterprises a lot of money, very quickly. Now sold as the Symantec Brightmail Traffic Shaper.

Trusted Sender combined encryption technology, email standards, third party oversight and industry best practices to create an essentially new class of email, Trusted Email, beta-tested by Micrsoft in early 2002.

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