Cobb Family Tree

Click on the image on the right to view an enlarged version of this hand-lettered family tree which has been in my family for generations. The last entry is dated 1957.

Important: when you click, the file may take some time to load (it is 300Kb) but when it has finished loading, you should be able to scroll around it with the scroll bars of your web browser's window (although this doesn't work in all web browsers).

You can also download the image, although we ask that you respect the copyright restrictions noted below.

Note: this file and image are copyrighted. In other words,
while the genealogical data, names, dates and places,
can be freely copied, the rest of the contents, and the
tree as a whole, its image, style, design and other
embellishments, cannot be copied without written
permission. (To email me about this, click here.)

Thank You!

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