Mike Cobb founded UK-based Cobweb Applications in 1995 to deliver network security solutions and data-based Web systems.

Cobweb provides security advice, assessments, products, and training. Clients include the Royal Mail, Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta, London Business School, Securicor, Elf Aquitaine, ELMO Semiconductors, Limburgs Universitair Belgium, The Observer, Blair Consular Services, Bohler and Associates brokerage, and the Associated Examining Board.

Mike is currently Founder and Managing Director of School Sports Action TV, a unique multimedia social networking web site aimed at encouraging young people to imprive both their sporting and cyber-media skills.

Milke had previously served as Managing Director (UK) for ePrivacy Group, a privately held company that developed the ground-breaking SpamSquelcher and Turntide anti-spam technology for which Symantec paid $28 million in 2004.

As a resident expert on SearchSecurity.com, Mike writes articles and creates webcasts on a variety of topics. He also speaks at IT and security conferences. Mike co-authored a McGraw-Hill book on IIS Security.

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