Information about other Cobbs and Cobb Web Sites no particular order... Operated by Bernadette DiMauro in Cobb County, Georgia, this is a local site where businesses feature discounts and offers for residents of Cobb County, Georgia.
Cobb County They say the very best of Atlanta is in Cobb County, Georgia. There is certainly a lot going on there. There is the Cobb County Convention Center. There is the Cobb Chamber of Commerce. And a whole bunch of businesses with Cobb County in the name, like this Toyota dealership.
Cobb-Vantress Ask most Americans to name a "chicken company" and they will likely answer Tysons or Pilgrim's Pride. But behind the scenes, Cobb-Vantress, which industry insiders tend refer to as simply "Cobb," is actually a major player in developing chicken breeding stocks. A fascinating history of the company, founded in 1916 by Harvard graduate Robert C. Cobb, can be found here.
The Cobb Grill

The Cobb Grill, a barbecue grill and more, very safe and economical, weighing only 8.5 lbs, developed to reduce the use of wood as a cooking fuel in Africa (named because the original invention could cook with corn cobs?). TIME selected 'The Cobb' as one of top inventions of 2001 (who was not a Cobb!)

Ty Cobb There's no doubt that Ty Cobb could be a very unpleasant man, harboring some of the worst prejudices of his time and place; however, he is considered by many to be the greatest baseball player of all time and he was sometimes very generous (for example, he founded a hospital in Georgia that still flourishes today). Ty Cobb has the highest lifetime batting average (.367) for any National Baseball Hall of Fame member. For more on his baseball statistics, click here.
Jerrie Cobb America's first woman astronaut!? NASA planned to send Jerrie Cobb into space in the sixties, but John Glenn successfully opposed the female astronaut program. To this day Glenn defends his chauvinistic attitude, going so far as to imply, by his actions, that sending old guys into space is safer than sending young women. Fortunately, a lot of people disagree. Check out Jerrie's Site here.
Cobb Surname DNA Project Do most Cobbs in America come from the same Cobb family in Kent, England? That is one of the many fascinating questions being answered by the Cobb Surname DNA Project. Great progress is being made thanks to the heroic efforts of Project Coordinator, Robert Stricklin. If you wish to explore participating in the Project, communicate your interest to Robert via e-mail at as soon as possible.
CobWeb Applications This U.K.-based Internet software and web site development company is headed by Mike Cobb, CISSP-ISSAP, MCDBA, software developer, and brother of Stephen. CobWeb Applications has built some impressive database-driven web sites, as well as security-oriented software applications for Windows. Check out the cool web site he built for The Rugby Clubs Golf Championships.
The Cobb Group Started by Doug Cobb, co-author of the Que Using 1-2-3 book and one of the first computer book authors to set up his own publishing operation. The Cobb Group established newsletters in support of a lot of software applications. The operation was later sold to Ziff-Davis who sold it to Element K. We acquired after Ziff-Davis gave it up.
Dave Cobb Coming soon, the new web site of Dave Cobb, currently relocating in the South of Spain.
David Cobb 2004 U.S. Presidential Candidate for the Green Party, David Cobb led efforts to verify the November 2004 vote in Ohio, resulting in the unprecedented Congressional challenge to the certification of the Presidential election in January, 2004.
COBB Associates Offers a variety of services, including high-level security consulting and expert witness services.
John Cobb One of many illustrious John Cobbs, this one set the world land speed record in 1947, at 397 mph. His record remained unbeaten for 17 years. Furthermore, he set the record in a wheel-driven vehicle, and the current record for a wheel-driven vehicle is still under 410 mph, less than 13 mph beyond Cobb's record!
John B. Cobb A leading contemporary theologian. We are not listing him here because we agree with all of  his thinking, but we certainly think he is worth reading.
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