by Stephen Cobb on August 10, 2019

scobb-profile-200Welcome. I’m Stephen Cobb and this is my personal website. My professional work – on topics such as cybersecurity and data privacy – can be found at scobb.net and We Live Security. My comments on those and other topics appear at @zcobb on Twitter, and I sometimes publish on MediumSlideShare, and ResearchGate. In 2019, I was recognized as an award-winning technologist. I’ve been a CISSP since 1996 and my masters in security and risk management was earned from the University of Leicester (Criminology Department) in 2016.

Currently, I am in the process of moving from San Diego in California, to Coventry. in England.

From 2011 to 2019 my job was Senior Security Researcher at Europe’s biggest cybersecurity software company. Now I plan to do my own research on my own time, focusing on the nexus of technology, ethics, crime, privacy, and public policy. In my “spare time” I try to raise awareness of iron overload, a potentially deadly genetic condition – caused by hereditary hemochromatosis – that struck my partner of 30+ years, Chey Cobb. See Celtic Curse. I also endeavor to speak up for equality and diversity. #HeForShe

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